Erasmus et l'AFIP

En mettant en place le programme ERASMUS, l’AFIP entend conforter la qualité des enseignements dispensés et les résultats obtenus aux examens de mastère. C’est aussi une opportunité pour proposer de nouvelles approches pédagogiques et méthodes d’apprentissage adaptées aux profils des étudiants.

La coopération avec de nouveaux partenaires (institutionnels et entreprises), l’adaptation à l’évolution du marché de l’emploi et aux besoins de nouvelles compétences sont des défis que nous voulons relever pour promouvoir l’enseignement supérieur et favoriser la mobilité des étudiants et du personnel.

Les attentes de cette politique internationale concernent d’abord l’amélioration de la qualité de nos formations ouvertes à l’international. Mieux préparés à un environnement multiculturel et multilingue, les jeunes diplômés peuvent s’insérer plus aisément dans un monde globalisé qui ne laisserait que peu de place à ceux qui se présenteraient dépourvus de cette maîtrise des langues étrangères, de cette ouverture d’esprit et de cette capacité d’adaptation.

Le programme Erasmus permet d’améliorer la qualification des diplômés par une exposition internationale croissante, ainsi que de plus grandes opportunités de poursuite d’études, sur la base de la pratique internationale sensiblement différente à la française. Parallèlement, l’AFIP contribue à l’amélioration des niveaux de formation des étudiants et enseignants des partenaires grâce à ses domaines d’expertise.

« As part of my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, I went to France through the Erasmus program. Erasmus is above all a human story, very happy encounters, sharing, exchanges of professional experiences and multicultural interactions that make us grow up.

It is a learning that helps us to become familiar with a new culture, to live in a community and to manage by ourselves in a new environment, but above all it is an incredible opportunity to improve a foreign language. Erasmus is a unique experience that has had an impact on my life, because as a result of my stay I decided to continue my studies in France.

It is a very rich experience to live without hesitation. »

Beata Krakowiak

Thanks to the ERASMUS program, I had the opportunity to go to Malta for an internship, in a sector I probably would never go. In spite of the apprehensions and after a few months of hesitation, I worked for two months at the reception of a hotel. The first days were difficult, but then I got used to.

This program allowed me to travel in a country I didn’t know. I could see new landscapes, discover a new culture and taste new dishes. I met people from all over the world: Poland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria. I also met other French people who were also on a training course and with whom I shared friendly moments.

Of course, this internship allowed me to improve my English level (which was really bad). That’s why I recommend internships abroad. It is the best way to improve in foreign languages while growing in maturity, so keep calm and do it! »

Lauriane PROST

I went to Northern Ireland as an Erasmus student for a semester few years ago. I was a modern languages degree’s student and it was my first trip aboard. I was quite anxious but deeply motivated. It was an amazing experience! People were very helpful and friendly (even at the beginning when I did not talk English very well). It was also the opportunity to meet other foreign students coming from all over the world; a gorgeous multicultural exchanges. Some of them have become longstanding friends. Classes were great and helped a lot to improve my knowledge and skills.

One of my best memories? Hum, let me think. I really enjoyed spending time every evening with my Irish flatmates, drinking tea on the sofa and chatting. We laughed a lot, sometimes because of cultural misunderstandings. A strong memory was a trip with all Erasmus students to Dublin for the Saint Patrick’s Day. It was very exciting and amazing. I had never lived something like that before: Imagine a whole city all in green and in orange, dancing, singing and having fun. If I had to do it all over again, I did! My best advice: if you want to improve your languages, discovering new cultures and ways of life, if you are curious, sociable and open-minded, Erasmus is for you. Be sure to live an enriching and rewarding experience that could help you to open a few doors in your private life as much as in your professional one.


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